The Books

The DenCom Thrillers

In Southern California, three terrorists of unknown allegiances slaughter dozens of men at a shopping mall.

In Denver, the eccentric CEO of Denver Communications, or DenCom, has a target on his head.

In the wilds of Greenland, a long forgotten enemy is reaching out for recognition and revenge.

At the center of it all, a special investigator for the “communications” company is dragged into a diabolical plot he can’t begin to understand.

In Palm Springs, Benedict must gather his best investigators and flee the United States.

In Siberia, a group of pseudo-Soviets plot the downfall of the Russian Republic and wage war against the Western world.

In Australia, friends old and new can do nothing but watch as the battle begins.

At the center of it all, a Tyrannosaurus Rex egg that could prove to be the most devastating biological weapon mankind has ever seen.